Those directly impacted by the deadly Easter attacks in Sri Lanka are in mourning while those in Windsor-Essex are wondering, ‘Why?’

“Like, start thinking, ‘What is going on in the world? How are we going to react to this one?'”

Jeewen Gill is with the South Asian Centre of Windsor, which represents 13,000 people in the city from the region including Sri Lanka, India and Pakistan — among others.

Gill says the community is shocked and saddened by the bloodshed.

“These things are happening, increasingly, day by day and that will reflect that we have to come unitedly to come against this terrorism,” says Gill.

The attack on churches and hotels came on the most holy of days for Christians and killing nearly 300 people and injuring more than 500.

The violence weighed on parishioners in Windsor celebrating Easter mass.

“I think this makes God just as sad as it does for all of us. He doesn't want to see us fighting and hurting each other,”

The region's bishop, Ronald Fabbro, responded to the attacks in a statement:

“These deliberate assaults were not just against our brothers and sisters but on everyone who values life, love, and peace,” said Fabbro.

“These attacks were made on Easter Sunday, the day we proclaim Christ's victory over death and sin. Let us join in prayer with all believers and people of good will, asking god deliver us from every evil.”

While Gill points to the need for a united front, he feels that evil the bishop speaks of needs to be combated by love.

“I believe the message of love can create this kind of environment so that we can feel safe and secure in religious places and these things not happen again,” says Gill.

The South Asian Centre of Windsor is looking to set up a vigil to commemorate those lives lost in Sri Lanka. A place and time hasn't been confirmed but it's expected to be held later this week.

Gill adds the vigil will again stress that idea of showing a united front as a way of pushing back against these terrorist and extremist actions.

The suicide bombings struck three churches and three luxury hotels Sunday in the island nation's deadliest violence since a devastating civil war ended in 2009.

— with files from The Associated Press