Windsor snow removal crews are almost finished clearing city streets after four days and three nights of round-the-clock salting and plowing.

Officials say the plowing began early Friday morning and has continued non-stop at a price tag of $20,000 per hour, not including salting. But the city says it has not spent its entire winter maintenance budget due to the storm.

The city says the snow emergency will end at midnight Monday. Regular fees resume in parking lots at 9 a.m. Tuesday.

“I know it’s been stressful for residents, but I want to thank them for their patience," says operations manager Dwayne Dawson.

Twenty-three city and contractor snow plow trucks and 45 pieces of heavy equipment machinery, expect to have one entire pass of the residential streets completed later Monday afternoon.

The main routes are in good condition and most side streets have received attention, but officials say it’s important to remember that Windsor does not plow right down to bare pavement, so some snow will remain until warmer temperatures and salt have a chance to work.

Calls to 311 about roads that haven’t been plowed are discouraged until Tuesday, as crews have not yet completed their entire city run. 

Officials say streets that have had a plow pass through will not be seeing another pass to clear off snow that may have piled alongside parked cars.

Residents and commercial property owners are reminded that sidewalks abutting their property are their responsibility to clear.

As well, under the Highway Traffic Act and City of Windsor By-laws, residents are prohibited from shovelling snow back onto the street while clearing sidewalks and driveways, as this creates unsafe road conditions for motorists. 

All sidewalks are to be cleared four hours after the snowfall ends for commercial property owners and 12 hours for residential property owners. 

For updated information, please stay tuned to the local media and visit for more general information on snow clearing.