WINDSOR, ONT. -- The daytime record for a high temperature on March 10th was broken Wednesday.

The mercury reached 19.1 degrees Celsius (C) during the 2 p.m. hour.

The old record for this date was 16.6 C, set in 2013. Environment Canada’s weather office officially tracks all weather records and related data.

Expect temperatures to be mild through to Thursday afternoon with a high of 17 C expected.

However, showers are likely in the early morning before dawn and then again in the early afternoon as a cold front passes through southwestern Ontario – the catalyst for showers and potentially light thunderstorm activity.

Friday is sunny, a high of 10 C.

The sunshine continues for the weekend. Both Saturday and Sunday are likely sunny with a high of 8 C for both days.

The average daytime high for this time of the year is 5 C and the low is -3 C.