Windsor city council gave the go ahead to spend $34 million on the construction of a new city hall Monday night.

The money has already been allocated in future budgets, and past budgets as the issue has been a political hot potato for nearly 30 years.

Mayor Eddie Francis pointed out in 1985 current Ward 9 councillor Hilary Payne was the city’s chief administrative officer. "It's somewhat remarkable, councillor Payne, you get to finally vote on it, but that's why you're here, because since 1985, it's been politically punted down the road."

It will stand directly adjacent to the current building at 350 City Hall Square West.

Payne says the city will use a design-bid-build process. "That's the way to go. We're going to get a good architect, put it out for tender, get a good bid, and then we get a good building."

The new build will feature larger and more accessible council chambers and space for hundreds of city employees.

Francis insists this will not be an iconic build, but rather a modest but attractive compliment to the 400 building next door.

The cost includes moving costs, the demolition of the current building and parking.

Ward 1 councillor Drew Dilkens wanted to investigate parking considerations, like putting it underground. "What is the right number in terms of the charge for parking, what is the right number of spaces, and if it makes sense then we should at least consider it now before we start construction of a new City Hall."

Still newcomer Ward 7 councillor, Irek Kusmierczyk wanted to hold off making a decision in case the city needed to come up with incentive cash for Chrysler. "I would have felt a lot more comfortable making that decision, knowing what Chrysler's intentions are for Windsor."

The building is expected to be completed in about three years.

However the mayor says a contingency plan will most likely be needed in the short-term as the current building is in such bad shape, it may need costly repairs before 2017.