WINDSOR, ONT. -- Drinking water is essential to your health — and Windsor’s is among the best flowing from Canadian taps.

For the eighth consecutive year, the water system received a rating of 100 per cent from the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP).

“There is nothing more important than ensuring the water we provide is safe and reliable,” stated ENWIN President & CEO Helga Reidel. “Windsor, Tecumseh and LaSalle depend on us to produce and deliver the highest quality water and this rating from the Ministry proves we’re doing just that."

The Windsor Utilities Commission and its licensed operator, ENWIN, were evaluated in December 2019.

The criteria evaluated included management and commitment to asset replacement through capital investment.

The report specifically acknowledged the greater number of mandatory drinking water samples and increased frequency of testing, beyond ministry standards.

“To accomplish this for an eighth consecutive year demonstrates our commitment to ensuring the quality, safety, and reliability of our drinking water," said Garry Rossi, ENWIN Vice President of Water Operations.

ENWIN and the Windsor Utilities Commission produced 38.7-trillion litres of potable water in 2019.