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Windsor's downtown core may benefit from the return of the grand prix to downtown Detroit

"We've really designed this circuit so that it hopefully benefits businesses throughout downtown Detroit and of course downtown Windsor for people who wanna try and come over and people have foot traffic going over to Windsor," said Grand Prix spokesperson Merrill Cain.  

Transit Windsor expects to add to their tunnel bus service later next week in anticipation of people travelling to and from the Grand Prix. Some of that traffic could include Americans coming to Windsor.

Ward 3 city councillor Renaldo Agostino says it makes perfect sense for people to come over to Windsor before taking in the Grand Prix.

"You're closer to the event. Things are 30 percent cheaper here. Hotel rooms are cheaper here. Our hospitality, our people, it's such a friendly place." 

Race fans are booking downtown hotel rooms. Agostino says businesses could benefit from increased marketing. 

"If the market is coming to you, you got to find a way to make a lot of noise to get the attention of the people who aren't far away to say, 'hey what's that over there?'."

With a thousands of people descending on downtown Detroit, Windsor could lure some of those race fans over the river for the view, the restaurants or the casino.

Agostino feels having a beacon like the civic esplanade could help bring future race fans over.

Decades of public discussions comes to the forefront Monday as the proposed Civic Esplanade goes before council. Councillors will vote on the steering committee's preferred concept which could become a game changer here in downtown Windsor.

Agostino says activating spaces in the downtown core could lure more Americans over.  "They've been here before and we just got to focus some attention on getting them back here because clearly they're drawing people." Top Stories


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