An open house on reorganizing of fire services late Thursday afternoon, brought out about 50 residents, who received a letter over the weekend from the Professional Fire Fighters Association urging the public to voice their opinion.

Fire Chief Bruce Montone says the message on the notice is inaccurate. ‘No fire protection really? Think about that no fire protection."

Firefighters Association President Angelo Gertsakis admits the message was bold but adds it got the message out. "It's further away from the outskirts of the city which means lower response time."

"They are leaving a lot of people waiting for fire trucks where if they had to go there today, those fire trucks would be there in a much shorter period of time."

Part of the proposal is the closure of Fire Station 5 on Cabana Road and a new Fire Hall to be built at Daytona Avenue and Northwood Street.

Mayor Eddie Francis says the plan is not going make everyone happy but it’s expected there will be better service. “Fifty-thousand other residents are going to have better coverage and the Chief assures me that this is the best plan possible.”

Francis says the plan is the only option following an arbitrated settlement..

It gave firefighters a wage increase and a shortened work week.

Francis says it could have cost Windsor taxpayers four-million dollars.

Still, some residents, like Matt Ford were not convinced.

Ford hopes an alternative can be reached. "The pay hasn't increased that much for our firefighters to justify and amalgamation."