WINDSOR, ONT -- On the country’s path to economic recovery, ‘The Big Spend’ campaign is encouraging Canadians to get out and buy local.

“We try our best to support local businesses as best as possible, especially right now where everybody is really hard hit,” said dowtnown farmer’s market shopper Lynne Comartin.

“This is all the more reason to come out today and support local”.

The national initiative is hoping to bolster the Canadian economy.

Today’s one-day event aims to promote buying local, especially those hit hard during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Organizers say the goal is for one-million Canadians to spend local today.

Shoppers are encourage to report their spending and share a story/photo about where they made their ‘Big Spend’.

Results will be posted on Big Spend website.

Many people shopping at the downtown farmer’s market today feel the local small business sector needs the financial boost.

“I think it’s important to have a spend day everyday. There are so many businesses locally that produce great products and it’s worth supporting them. Especially in the thick of COVID-19 when we’re so hard hit by that, why not support local industries,” said David Burrows.