WINDSOR -- Windsor Regional Hospital officials say they have had regular contact with local public Health, EMS and other healthcare providers to ensure they are all ready to deal with any probable Coronavirus cases and to protect staff and other patients.

WRH updated their health committee members and union executives on Tuesday.

Officials say hospital teams have done a great job screening patients and addressing any issues that arise.

The following outlines the steps that WRH takes regularly to identify and manage patients with infectious symptoms:

-In addition to Routine Practices, individuals who present with the acute respiratory infection symptoms and travel history to Wuhan, China or have been in contact with a sick person who has travelled to Wuhan, China or a confirmed 2019-nCoV case, are to be placed on Airborne/Droplet/Contact Precautions in an Airborne Infection Isolation Room (or a private room if an AIIR is not available).

-Staff are to wear gloves, gowns, N95 respirators and face protection.

-If a patient is identified that meets this criteria notify the hospital IPAC department.

The pandemic response team is meeting regularly as the situation evolves to ensure they are ready.