A diplomatic dispute between Canada and Saudi Arabia is having an impact at Windsor Regional Hospital.

Chief of Staff Doctor Gary Ing confirms they are losing ten Saudi medical students.

The students have been ordered by their country to leave Canada as part of the suspension of state sponsored scholarships, after Canada criticized the kingdom's human rights record on twitter.

Doctor Ing says their departure will impact their efficiency in providing patient care, since the residents are an “integral part” of the local health care system.

He notes they see patients first, order testing and initiate treatment.

He tells CTV News that helps free up physicians time and improves the wait time for outpatient visits.

Ing admits says its unfortunate the hospital is caught up in the middle of this political dispute, saying it’s the physicians who will be impacted the most.

“What it means is the physicians will have to work in a fast pace, and also in certain rotations,” says Dr. Ing. “The other resident physicians have to take on more volume.”

Dr. Ing is hopeful the two governments can come to an amicable resolution so the medical students can return. He believes the knowledge they receive in Canada is invaluable, and allows them to bring that training back to their home country.