WINDSOR, ONT. -- class="p1"> Windsor Regional Hospital is eager to see a potential surplus after months of multi-million dollar COVID-19 spending.

The hospital received reimbursement for their March and April COVID-19 pandemic expenses, as part of the record high provincial budget announced Thursday. President and CEO David Musyj expects more payments to follow.

“They are fulfilling exactly what they promised. Do the work, submit the expenses, we’ll reimburse you for the expenses and that’s the approach we have taken.”

The first return payment equaled roughly $2.7 million.

Musyj says he expects provincial reimbursement for pandemic expenses from May, June and July to also be received later this month, upwards of $8 million, telling CTV News he’s confident the provincial government will follow through.

"By this time next month at the board meeting, subject to how much more we spend on COVID-19, we should have a year to date operating surplus. Small, when we’re a half a billion dollar organization,"

Windsor Regional's deficit now sits at $2.5 million.

Musjy says the field hospital at the St. Clair College SportsPlex has received additional funding to continue operation, if needed, to 2021. 

“The government has worked very closely with us, locally and other hospitals in order to try and do the best we can with the limited physical space we have and reimburse us or provide us a guarantee in advance that if we have to go back into the St. Clair college area for our field hospital is we will be funded for.”

Musyj adds eyes now turn to March for capital budget discussions.