Windsor Regional Hospital has been named in a $10-million lawsuit.

The lawsuit was launched by a company which claims it had the top score in phase one of the hospital site selection process.

CEO David Musyj says the hospital was notified of a lawsuit late Tuesday night.

It originates with the property owner that came second in the evaluation process for the new acute care hospital.

It was a selection process that has stirred much discussion and now.

"We were notified that a lawsuit was provided to our legal counsel," says Musyj.

Also facing a lawsuit,  the owners of the proposed acute care hospital site - the O'Keefe family.

"Unfortunately for themselves they finished second and that's part of the RFP process is that there's a winner and there's a bunch of entities that did not win,” says Musyj.

According to documents, GEM Properties owns a site located on Tecumseh Road East, just west of Lauzon Parkway.  In those documents the company is claiming that the site selection process was unfair.

"I assume they want to try to claim that they should have won but the process was beyond fair and transparent and we're not concerned about their lawsuit,” says Musyj.

Musyj says he expects this will not put a stop to the hospital planning process.

"They've asked that the process be stopped but I would find that highly unlikely that that would happen,” says Musyj. “So as a result, we're pressing ahead we have to for the sake of our community we have to move this forward".

Citizens For Accountable Mega Hospital Planning hope this will slow what they believe to have been a rushed process.

Musyj says the GEM site was shortlisted in Phase Two.

That site consists of 75-acres of serviced land.

The O'Keefe site is comprised of 60 acres.

Musyj says the reason GEM Properties lost the bid was because they asked for more money per acre. He says by over 30 per cent more.

“They were clearly informed that if you made it to phase two, price is now the factor which could tip the balance in Phase Two of the process and for whatever reason they put forward a price that was dramatically higher,” says Musyj.