The shooting massacre in Moncton, N.B. is being felt here at home.

While flags throughout the region fly at half mast, Windsor’s branch of the RCMP is feeling the loss of their comrades.

Cpl. Annette Brenardon never thought she’d witness another death of a fellow officer. She hoped the 2005 tragedy in Mayerthorpe, Alta. would be the last time she’d have to work through such a tragedy. Four people died in that incident.

“There were some tears this morning. Some of us do have friends down in that area, that we trained with, working in that area, our hearts are with them,” she says. “This morning before everyone headed out, we made sure, be extra safe, be more diligent today.”

All day the detachment has received phone calls offering sympathy and condolences.

“I don't think the public realizes how much that gets us through the day to know they are behind us.”

Justin Bourque, 24, is suspected of gunning down three Mounties and injuring two others. The RCMP continues to scour Moncton for the suspect.