A Windsor psychiatrist has been found not guilty of sexual assault and extortion.

Justice Renee Pomerance handed down her ruling Friday after a trial into five counts of sexual assault and one count of extortion.

During the trial, a former female patient alleged the 67-year old psychiatrist forced her to have sex with him on several occasions, in 2012 and again in 2015, in exchange for the doctor's signature on a disability application.

In her ruling, Justice Pomerance said the complainants history of crime, along with repeated lies from the stand, were a dangerous combination and created reasonable doubt. 

"She may or may not be lying, that is the point,” said Pomerance. “I can't be satisfied beyond a reasonable doubt that she is telling the truth."

The crown had argued the complainant's story was too specific to make up, alleging Dr. Shenava knew of her criminal past and mental health issues and exploited them.

“Dr. Shenava is pleased with the outcome,” said his lawyer David Humphrey. “All he ever wanted was a fair trial and a fair trial in this case required a careful analysis and assessment of the complainant’s evidence.”

During the trial, the complainant admitted she staged a false event where she stormed out of Dr. Shenava's office and called him a pervert to try and gather proof to support her case.  She also admitted on the stand to more than 800 car thefts, selling drugs and multiple break and enters.

However, the legal battles are far from over.

Dr. Shenava must appear at a disciplinary hearing of the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons on Feb. 12 to answer allegations of sexual abuse of patients.

He is still facing a number of other sexual assault charges still before the courts.