WINDSOR, ONT. -- Billed as the “Great Ouellette Avenue Demonstration,” another rally against COVID-19 protocols took place Sunday in Windsor.

The list includes issues lockdowns, shutdowns, and mandatory masking.

“They’re not necessary. They’re over the top,” says Currie Souillere, co-organizer.

Hundreds of people gathered at the foot of Ouellette Avenue, calling out health officials and political figures for their handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This is about control, this is about destroying your freedom, your spirit, your humanity,” Kitty Kay told the crowd.

According to Soulliere, the lockdown has been disastrous for the economy, and questions the use of masks or face shields to slow down the spread of coronavirus.

“I think it says that a lot of people are really concerned with these issues and people are curious and want to learn more,” Soulliere tells CTV Windsor.

Last Friday, medical officer of health with the Windsor Essex County Health Unit Dr. Wajid Ahmed cautioned the public about taking part in the protest.

“It’s events like these, that’s what puts everyone at risk,” Dr. Wajid said.

Ahmed says the risk to the community increases when such protests take place and can create confusion and chaos among the public.

“They are lying, they are misquoting any of those information and they do not have any ability to understand it but they pretend,” he said.

The group wrapped up their protest by marching in from the Windsor Essex County Health Unit building.