Windsor police are warning residents after receiving a number of calls involving the "grandparent scam.”

Officers say the scheme generally involves a grandparent receiving an unexpected phone call or other communication claiming to be their grandchild.

The caller then requests money be sent immediately to assist them in some sort of emergency situation.

Different versions have had the caller state they are in hospital, have been arrested, or are in some other alleged urgent situation.

The caller requests that the grandparent not mention the matter to their parents, and to send money as soon as possible.

The common theme here is that the caller stresses the point that they are in an emergency and want funds quickly, usually by some sort of money gram. They stress urgency, fear, secrecy and then emotionally request funds.

Police say the best defense in a situation of this nature is to take your time and confirm.

If the caller is a true and known relative, they should be able to answer many detailed questions about the grandparent. Confirm their location and situation, and call the involved institution to verify.

The offenders in these cases always stress the need for the victim to act quickly and on their own, without involving any other relatives or friends.

As in most scams, if the situation sounds odd or suspicious, then it probably is. Police say trust your instinct and take the time to verify authenticity.

As the holiday season approaches and many grandchildren are travelling, officers say there is always a propensity for the number of these types of scams to increase.

The recent callers to our service regarding this scam recognized the warning signs, and did not become victims to the offenders.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Windsor Police Service at 519-255-6700 ext. 4330, Crime Stoppers anonymously at 519-258-8477 (TIPS), or online at