Windsor police are warning seniors of a group of thieves targeting the elderly.

Their tactics are being described by some as "distraction theft."

Sixty-four year old Anna Buttice no longer feels safe in her neighbourhood where she's lived for the past 45 years.

Buttice claims two necklaces and two charms worth an estimated $2,500 were stolen right off her neck.

She says around 8 p.m. Friday night, a vehicle was parked outside of her home.

The male driver asked for directions to the hospital.

Before she knew it, a woman came out of the vehicle and attempted to sell her gold.

"I don't know how many times I told her, I don't need your gold," says Buttice.

After the suspect allegedly put a necklace on her, she was given a kiss on the cheek and the suspects then left.

Shortly afterward, she realized something wasn't right.

"I didn't feel a pull, nothing, nothing," she says.

Police say five similar incidents have happened since July 13.

The victims' personal jewelry is removed, which is then replaced with fake ones.

"I'm scared now, because I live alone," says Buttice.

She wants Windsorites to be aware of the scam.