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Windsor police team up with pharmacists to help deter robberies

Windsor police are hoping a partnership with local and regional pharmacists will help deter pharmacy robberies and protect pharmacy teams and patients.

The collaborative effort aims to help combat local priority risks and addresses the overall safety and well-being of Windsor’s community.

Police say partnerships like this are vital in supporting the creation of safer and more secure community spaces.

“As pharmacists, our goal is to help our patients gain the greatest possible benefit from the medications we provide. This can only be achieved in an environment where patients, staff, and other members of our community feel safe and secure. Pharmacists in Windsor/Essex are grateful for the strong partnerships we have built with local police services across the region, and we know that we can rely on law enforcement to respond to incidents as they occur,” said Sebastiano Di Pietro president, of Essex County Pharmacists Association and Timothy Brady, Chair of the Ontario Pharmacists Association.

Windsor police posted several components of their relationship with pharmacy partnership on their social media pages. Top Stories

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