Windsor police say a 14-year-old girl was hurt in a hit-and-run collision in the west end.

Police are seeking the driver of a small, white four-door sedan after the incident on Prince
Road near Mulford Court around 10:23 p.m. Monday night.

Les Muir lives at the intersection. He says he heard a “whomp” and went out to see what happened.

"I thought maybe somebody hit a tree because it was raining so hard and maybe the road got slick," says Muir.

Officers say the Windsor girl was walking with a friend in the bike lane on Prince Road when she was hit. She suffered non-life-threatening injuries, including a possible broken nose, soreness to her upper thigh, and cuts to her elbow and hand.  She was taken to hospital.

“She had a cut to her lip, her mouth was injured, her teeth were sore, and there was indication she may have had a broken nose," says Sgt. Matt D'Asti.

Police say the driver didn’t stop after hitting the pedestrian.  After speaking with the girl, officers say her male friend saw the car coming from behind and tried to pull her out of the way.

"He physically grabbed the victim, just prior to impact,” says D'Asti. “He sensed that a vehicle was approaching from behind. He sense from the periphery of his vision."

It was dark and raining at the time.