With the modern reality of school shootings and lockdowns, Windsor police and school staff must be on guard.

Windsor police training branch and Emergency Services Unit has been conducting active shooter training over the past several weeks.

"An event like this, frequency wise, is at the highest risk,” says Windsor Const. Ken Price. “The highest risk for safety and the highest risk where the officers truly feel under stress."

About 440 frontline officers are receiving a combination of in-class briefings.

“If there is a critical event at any school in the city or across the county, our frontline officers, not the technical officers, but the frontline officers who are first on the scene will take immediate action," says Windsor chief Al Frederick.

So far this year, there have been six schools in Windsor placed in hold and secure mode. The latest was at Assumption High School, where a man was seen in the area with a knife.

Though no injuries were reported Windsor police say it's possible these situations could escalate and they're taking no chances.

“They're in there for mass casualties and we want to make sure our officers, first responders, school officials are aware of that," says Price.

School boards across Windsor and Essex County are participating in the training, ensuring the expectations of safety and efficiency.

“It's a bit overwhelming to be honest with you," says Amy Facchineri, vice-principal with alternative education, Windsor Essex Catholic District School Board.

Teachers and principals are put through the same scenario.

"Sounds of gunfire, the calls of police, the calls of the actors that are our victims in these scenarios,” says Facchineri. “It's overwhelming.”

Schools already have their own procedures in the event of an attack. Catholic schools automatically lock all doors once class begins, but new strategies following Thursday's training might change that.

"So that they can access our buildings and get into our buildings quickly in this event of a situation like this," says Facchineri.