Another Police Services Act hearing has begun related to the case against former Windsor police Det. David Van Buskirk.

Staff Sgt. Paul Bridgeman has been charged with discreditable conduct and neglect and Det. Kent McMillan is charged with discreditable conduct and deceit for their roles following the 2010 assault on Dr. Tyceer Abouhassan.

Bridgeman and McMillan have both pleaded not guilty.

Abouhassan was attacked by Van Buskirk outside the Jackson Park Health Centre in April 2010. He suffered facial injuries and detached retina.

Police later charged the doctor with assaulting a police officer, but those charges were dropped.

Van Buskirk was sentenced last May to five months in jail for the assault and 30 days for a public mischief charge for making a false statement against the doctor.

Last March, Bridgeman was found not guilty of discreditable conduct for similar charges in a separate Police Act Hearing.

His lawyer, Andrew McKay, tells CTV News he has made a motion to have these charges dropped because they are similar to the charges he was already acquitted on.

Abouhassan testified Monday morning. He did not provide a statement to police after being attacked, which McKay says gave his clients no choice but to take Van Buskirk’s word on what happened since the video was unclear.

Monday afternoon, adjudicator Rick Finn listened to the testimony of Robert Zufelt, the OIPRD Investigator assigned to the complaint filed by Abouhassan.

The hearing is expected to continue at the Tilston Armoury throughout the week.