A strange poster has been found near downtown Windsor, threatening an American singer booked to perform in the city tonight.

"i saw a bunch of these in front of my other neighbours house," says Joe McParland, who found a handful of the flyers while walking his dog Wednesday night. "I started picking them up and as soon as I did I was astonished, I said that picture looks just like Jackson."

Turns out, it was, but what the poster said wasn't anything McParland expected.

The poster asks "Canadiens" to exercise their second amendment rights and shoot a socialist, starting with Jackson Browne.

“I started reading this and my jaw dropped,” says McParland. “This is hate literature. It's a death threat. This is all against Jackson Browne, they're encouraging somebody to shoot him between the eyes tonight, to be labelled the way he was, the direct threat of death, scared the living daylights out of me."

McParland called Windsor police and they are now investigating.

Police say a number of flyers were located in the 1500 block of both Dougall Avenue and Victoria Avenue.

Browne is scheduled to perform a show at Caesars Windsor Thursday at 8 p.m.

Caesars Windsor spokesperson Jhoan Baluyot says the casino is working with police.

“I'm not going to go into details about our security protocol, but I do want to make our guests, our customers, our employees aware that we always do have security at all of our entertainment shows," said Caesars spokesperson Jhoan Baluyot.

Coincidentally, McParland has tickets to the concert.

He says this type of hate directed at Browne is unsavoury and he's upset that it turned up on his block.

“As I read this, the xenophobia, the homophobic slurs, it sickened me,” says McParland. “This isn't windsor, this isn't Canada."

Jackson Browne is scheduled to perform at Caesars Windsor at 8 p.m.

The casino is aware of the threat as is the performer, Jackson Browne, but the show will go on.