As part of 'Operation Stay Focused,' police in Windsor were hiding in plain sight trying to catch people using their cellohones while driving.

Sgt. Matthew D'Asti says it's working really well because they had people on their phones who were waving at officers.

Plainclothes officers were watching drivers, and those driving distracted were then pulled over by cruisers waiting down the street.

Sadly, D'Asti say it's been too easy, "In less than two hours they had 30 offenders, they say they would have had 20 more but we didn't have enough traffic police vehicles to pull more people over."

He adds that distracted driving is the leading cause of fatalities on Ontario's roads, and drivers who spoke to CTV News about the campaign agreed.

The fine for distracted driving is $280, but no one was ticketed during Thursday's educational campaign, instead drivers were getting written warnings.