Windsor police have charged two youth in an assault that’s left a 14-year-old W.F. Herman Academy student with serious, but non-life threatening head injuries.

Warning: The link contains graphic video some may find disturbing.

A GoFundMe page says the Jayden Trudell was “brutally assaulted by a bully while on lunch at his school.”

Police say Trudell and his 14-year-old cousin were walking to a nearby restaurant around 12 p.m. on Wednesday when they were approached by a group of boys, who accused them of making derogatory comments.

“A scuffle ensued, this gentleman then picked up my grandson up over his head, and threw him to the ground, banging his head off the cement,” Jayden’s grandfather, Kevin Trudell, tells CTV Windsor. “He then proceeded to get on top, punching him, while a friend of his then went over and started kicking my grandson in the head.”

Police say after Jayden Trudell fell to the ground, a second boy from the group joined in. 

A video of the incident posted on the GoFundMe page shows other students trying to intervene.

Trudell was rushed to the hospital in London to try to stop the brain bleeding, according to GoFundMe.

“He has a fractured skull and will no longer be able to train or play sports,” said the page. “His mother Kelley has not left his side and in turn, has lost days at work and other costs.”

Police say through investigation, officers were able to identify the suspects.  They were contacted and attended Windsor police headquarters where they were placed under arrest.

Two teenage boys from Windsor face charges of aggravated assault and assault.

Due to the fact that both suspects are young offenders, they cannot be identified under provisions of the Youth Criminal Justice Act. 

Kevin Trudell says Jayden has been involved in boxing for two years, but knows better than to engage in a fight.

“I'm the one that told him to walk away, not fight,” recalls Kevin Trudell. “I've told him, I don't want you fighting at school, if you get into a fight I'm going to pull you from boxing.”

“Instead of defending himself, he turned and walked away,” he said.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Windsor Police at 519-255-6700 ext. 4830, Crime Stoppers anonymously at 519-258-8477 (TIPS) or online at