Ontario Street resident saw the Windsor police tactical unit come into the neighbourhood and cuff two minors late Wednesday afternoon.

According to police, the victim brought a gaming console to an apartment in the 4600 block on Ontario Street to sell it to the suspect. Once inside, the suspect began to plug in the console to ensure it was working, when police say he grabbed a gun from atop of the television.

The suspect allegedly pointed it at the victim’s head and ordered him out of the apartment. The victim fled the scene and called police from his home.

Sgt. Andrew Baker says the suspects were using their cellphones during the hold up.

"They were texting another party, saying the place was surrounded and came out."

Two males exited the apartment without incident and placed under arrest.

Joshua Drouillard, 18, is charged with robbery and point a firearm. The second male who was known to the victim was released with no charges.

Police recovered an air pump pellet gun from the scene.