One man has been taken into police custody after a nearly five hour standoff at a Windsor home.

The Emergency Services Unit and different officers with weapons drawn surrounded a residence in the 600 block of Capitol Street near Lillian Avenue after 1 p.m. Friday.

Just before 6 p.m., officers smashed windows and entered the home in the Remington Park neighbourhood.

Police said they arrived at the home to arrest a man wanted for assault, but he refused to leave.

The resident was identified over a loud speaker as Michael Allard, but police have not commented on the identity of the suspect.

Another man and a woman were seen being escorted by police out of the home.

Police say the investigation was never a threat to public safety.

The home is located not far from "Our Lady of Perpetual Help” elementary school. The school was not put into a hold and secure as police characterized the activity as a routine call.

The activity attracted dozens of people, even though police asked residents to avoid the area.

Neighbours say Allard is well known by police, with more than 60 convictions on his record.

In 2017, Allard served a year and a half in prison after pleading guilty to uttering death threats and deriving a financial benefit from prostitution.

Allard was also arrested in the same neighbourhood in 2018 after police seized a quantity of fentanyl in powder form.