WINDSOR, ONT. -- Another change in how they do business for Antoninos Pizzeria in south Windsor.

Owner Joe Ciaravino says since the outbreak started he has taken every precaution to protect his workers and his customers.

They no longer accept cash or debit, but only credit card payments over the phone.

They are not allowing any customers into their restaurants, even for pickup deliveries.

His staff now come to the customers vehicle for orders and brings the food to them.

Now Ontario is loosening its rules on alcohol to help restaurants survive the COVID-19 pandemic.

Until now, establishments could only offer takeout and delivery of food.

Now new rules will allow businesses to sell beer, wine and spirits to-go.

Ciaravino says it’s a relief to be able to offer liquor sales to customers, even though they had to go out first thing Friday to buy the necessary containers.

“We have a keg of OV tapped and two kegs of OV in the walk-in cooler and we’re wondering what we’re going to do with it,” says Ciaravino.

“And the AGCO comes out with this so, we didn’t know if we’d be able to return them so now hopefully we can sell them and not be on the hook because it looks like this thing is going to be here for awhile.”