A Windsor pilot is thankful to share a scary tale on this Hallowe’en.

John Cundle was flying his two-seat Cessna 150 back to Windsor from Waterloo last Thursday when the engine on his airplane quit about 10 miles out from Sarnia.

After going through standard protocol, Cundle says he tried to restart the engine. It started up, but turned off shortly after once again.

Running out of options, Cundle initiated a mayday call with the London airport while 45-hundred feet in the air.

“I didn’t have enough altitude to glide to Sarnia” remembers Cundle.

Knowing he wouldn't reach the nearest airport, the 54-year-old pilot made an emergency landing with his plane nicknamed "Hasel"

Cundle, who only secured his pilot license in April, landed the plane in a cornfield south of Lasalle Line, between Waubuno Road and Telfer Road.

St. Clair Fire Chief Walt Anderson said the pilot had climbed on top of the plane and was waving a flashlight to get the attention of emergency crews.

Cundle walked away without any injuries.

Cundle is a computer programmer by day, but has a passion for aerial navigation. He tells CTV Windsor he’s thankful for the training he received from the Windsor Flying Club.

Cundle adds the incident is a good reminder for pilots to attend every safety seminar possible.

Cundle has already gone back in the air since last week’s scare. On Monday, he flew with his chief flight instructor from the Windsor Flying Club to Pelee Island.

Cundle is also working on his commercial pilot license. He one day hopes to become an instructor.