Some Windsor parents are joining a week-long strike against the provincial government and the controversial  sex-ed curriculum.

The parents have informed schools their kids will be staying home next week as a form of protest.

There are a number of groups speaking out against the new sex-ed lessons being taught in schools.

Claudia Rulli one of many parents across Ontario pulling their kids from class to protest what they call the "age inappropriate" topics being taught in the new sex-ed curriculum.

“We will not co-parent with the premier,” says Rulli. “These are our children. We know what's best for them. These topics are way too adult-related. It's too much."

Starting on Monday a "parents strike" will be the latest demonstration. Parents sent a letter to the school boards impacted.

The letter states "As a result, we decided to join the thousands of other dissatisfied parents and be part of the strike against the new curriculum. Henceforth, we would like to inform you that our child will not be attending school for the period between May 4-8, 2015."

Greater Essex County District School Board has received a number of these letters from parents at schools across Windsor and Essex County, says spokesperson Scott Scantlebury. He says it's a learning opportunity missed for the select students.

"We do regretfully accept those choices by parents,” says Scantlebury. “Any parents choosing to withdraw their kids next week because of this demonstration will be marked absent."

Scantlebury says the board doesn't know how many students will miss classes next week.

“While it has its roots in the GTA, it has filtered down through online resources to Windsor and Essex County,” says Scantlebury. “We have seen the letter, and in some cases, parents have chosen to opt their children out of school next week to demonstrate their displeasure with this particular piece of curriculum.”

This isn't the first time local parents have spoken out against the curriculum. A crowd of outraged parents protested in Charles Clark Square in early April.

Parents opposed to the province's new sex education curriculum received an audience with the premier this morning.

The parents say it's not age appropriate and complain there was not enough consultation on it.

They want the premier to at least delay implementing it in schools, instead of rolling it out in September.