Windsor is offering Amazon an incentive package valued at US$106 million in a joint bid with Detroit to lure the tech giant.

The incentives include property tax increment financing, grant funding and corporate income tax credits plus "prime real estate at a nominal cost" in documents first obtained by Crains Detroit.

Amazon announced plans in September to spend $5 billion over a period of 15 years, building a second headquarters that employ 50,000 workers.

Windsor's incentives are based on Amazon locating 5,000 employees in a 500,000-square-feet of office, according to the bid summary.

Mayor Drew Dilkens tells CTV Windsor the use of the Paul Martin building in the downtown core is being offered as part of the bid.

“It doesn’t mean this is cash out of the pockets of Windsor taxpayers, but it means there is value attributed to the offer that is made to Amazon,” says Dilkens. “Every other city is doing the same thing.”

The Detroit bid was led by Quicken Loans and Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert and Windsor was part of the "two country" bid.

The Gilbert-led committee says Detroit and Windsor have 3.2-million square feet of office space in existing buildings, another 1.3-million square feet in soon-to-be developed properties and 91 acres of land — 71 in the U.S. and 20 in Canada.

The proposal also says Amazon could qualify for Canadian corporate tax credits for research and development and innovation tax credits of between 25 percent and 30 percent of expenses if it situates R&D work in Ontario.

“We have put forward a plan that we think makes a lot of sense and one that we think is attractive to a company like Amazon,” says Dilkens. “This is our once in a lifetime opportunity.”

Dilkens adds being able to attract a company like Amazon will be “game changer” for the region.

“It will be something that says Windsor is no longer just an auto town,” says Dilkens.

The proposal lays out for Amazon a series of three phases of office expansion by 2027 in Detroit and Windsor, including new east riverfront developments on both sides of the river that is dubbed "Amazon's International Riverfront Campus" in the HQ2 bid book.

The proposal also says the two cities "have committed to operating a ferry that would provide nearly door-to-door service between riverfront offices on both sides of the border."

A total of 238 communities in North America submitted a bid to lure the tech giant.

Amazon says it will be make its selection in 2018.