A Windsor musician is sharing his hometown pride with the world in the form of a new song.

Songwriter Brendan Scott Friel says he wanted to write about growing up in Windsor and what makes the city unique.

Friel says writing “Border City Town” also turned into a journey of self-discovery.

"Because I had to figure out how I felt about it and what it meant to me," says Friel.

The singer-songwriter discovered he had a love-hate relationship with Windsor.

"There's things you obviously don't like about the city, but overall there's a sense of pride and love,” says Friel. “Because this is where my family is, this is where my friends are and this is ultimately where I've been able to grow as a musician."

“Border City Town" is a song many Windsorites will relate to, from the humidity to Feather Hat Man.

"I talk about the humidity in one of the verses because everybody knows the summers in Windsor get really humid," he says.

The song, featuring Kelly Hoppe on the harmonica, also talks about “cooking the hops in the factories” and “trains on Front Road.”

Friel, who is also a guitar teacher at Elite Piano Studios, has been playing the guitar since he was eight years old.

When thinking about what makes Windsor special and who to feature in the video, Feather Hat Man, whose real name is Ron, came to mind.

Many Windsorites will know Ron is often seen in the downtown core, wearing his funky feather hat and walking along the streets.

“He’s easy to find when you’re not looking for him, but when you need him I could not find him anywhere,” says Friel.

He finally tracked him down after three weeks of searching.

"When I was looking for Ron, I spent a lot of time at the missions and I see all of the wonderful work that they do there," says Friel.

That’s why proceeds from his launch party are going towards the Downtown Mission. Friel also sees it as a great way to give back.

"In this process of writing the song, you kind of think well what am I doing, besides complaining all the time, to make this city better," says Friel.

The “Border City Town” launch party is at the Green Bean Café at 8 p.m. on Saturday. Admission is $10.

Friel also hopes to have a new record out next summer.