WINDSOR, ONT. -- A local MP says the Liberals four pillar plan includes lofty goals.

Windsor West MP Brian Masse is calling on the Liberals for more action, which includes reforms to help people deal with COVID-19 and legalizing sports betting which he claims will create more jobs in Windsor.

“Paying is one thing,” said Windsor West MP Brian Masse. “There’s no doubt investments can be paid off but at the same time it’s about work ethic and this government has been very lazy quite frank. Very simple things that could’ve got done never did get done during their majority mandate and that’s why they were sent back with a minority.”

Masse says many of the issues from before are included in the Liberals plan moving forward.

He says the plan now needs to be put into legislation and believes it should be done over the next few weeks.

The Liberal government detailed its plan to support Canadians and businesses struggling due to the COVID-19 pandemic including extending the Canada emergency wage subsidy in a new speech from the throne Wednesday.

Highlights from the speech also included helping provinces to reinforce COVID-19 testing, creating a new Canadian disability benefit, support for clean-technology companies, and addressing systemic racism.

University of Windsor associate professor of political science Lydia Milian calls the Liberal’s plan a massive wish list of new spending.

“As much as they say middle class values and we want to ensure middle class jobs, we do need to get to work and we need to find ways to move on,” she said. “Because really what we’re doing is inter-generational taxation for all the money we’re spending today it’s our kids and our grandkids that are going to get the bill.”

Millian tells CTV News the response to the pandemic has been exceptionally expensive, and she’s not sure how the Liberal’s will be able to afford their new plan.

- With files from a report by The Canadian Press that was first published Sept, 23, 2020.