A Windsor mom has pleaded guilty in relation to the abduction of her 18-month old boy.

Karen Hoyt, 35, pleaded guilty to assault and unlawful entry in court on Tuesday while a charge of abduction was dropped.

Court heard in October 2016, Hoyt entered a home on California Ave. through a window.

The child's grandmother and legal guardian tried to get Hoyt out of the house, but there was a physical altercation and Hoyt grabbed the child and ran.

Hoyt, who was not the child’s legal guardian, was later arrested by police and the child was in good health.

Hoyt receives a suspended sentence and 12-months probation.

Her lawyer, Evie Lipton told AM800 News the incident was motivated by passion and frustration over the loss of her children in her care.

Lipton added the sentence is fair for a first time offender and Hoyt has learned her lesson.

Hoyt had already spent the equivalent of 27 days in custody.