A Windsor mother is outraged after making a shocking discovery in her child’s Halloween candy.

Angela Magyar says she was going through her daughter’s Halloween treats and found a sharp needle inside a chocolate bar.

Now she's sending a word of caution to other parents.

Magyar says the sewing needle was sharpened on both ends and about two inches in size.

She says she found it after she pricked herself while examining her daughters candy.

Because of the thought that her daughter could have swallowed the needle, she took to social media to warn parents about what she found.

It was 2-year-old Ava's second Halloween.

"She was pretty good going up to the door and stuff by herself,” says Magyar.

A night she thoroughly enjoyed, until her mother made the discovery that could of turned into a nightmare.

"It honestly makes me feel like I don't want to take her trick-or-treating anymore because getting some candies is not worth losing a life.”

The family spent about an hour and a half trick-or-treating in the Forest Glade area near Lynngrove Cresent. They say they were surprised to find a needle tucked away in a chocolate bar.

"I can't believe it that someone would actually do that to a little kid,” says Magyar.

Magyar says she found the needle after she pricked herself from examining the candy bar.

She says she didn't report the incident to police, but instead posted pictures of the needle online to caution other parents in the area.

"You don't know the type of people that there are and clearly there are some pretty messed up people,” she says.

Windsor police Const. Andrew Drouillard says no official complaints about any hazardous material found in halloween candy has been made so far.

"If people come across an item like this don't tamper with it keep it aside and then report it to us obviously so we can collect it as evidence and make a report on it and investigate it accordly".

Drouillard says parents should be diligently checking Halloween candy like Magyar did.

"I know kids get excited and want to dig into the candy but it's always important to look over all the candy under good lighting at home,” says Drouillard.

Magyar threw out the rest of the candy as a precaution, to ensure her daughter ava remains safe.

"You can never be too careful,” she says.

Officers are urging anyone who may have found anything out of the ordinary in their children's Halloween candy to call police.