A Windsor mom is angry and scared after she says she found a foreign object in some baby food.

The food was supposed to dissolve on an infant’s tongue, but Natasha Cook says the item she found was as hard as a rock.

Cook’s daughter Lily is 13 monthsold.

“She's just starting to eat table foods,” says Cook.

Cook is always trying new things for her daughter, but this week one snack contained an unwelcome surprise.

“It was a very hard object, definitely not consumable, I'm very alarmed,” says Cook.

Cook says she found a small item with a sharp edge.

“This poses a big choking hazard, I'm so thankful she didn't get it,” says Cook.

Cook contacted Gerber to complain. She says the company told her it was likely a piece of burnt food and asked her to try to dissolve it in hot water.

“That would just destroy whatever this is,” says Cook. “I need to know what this is because my daughter consumed most of them before I found this.”

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has only received Cooks' complaint about the Lil’ Crunchies and they are investigating, but cook feels like Gerber isn't concerned with this mistake.

“I'm definitely not a happy mother,” says Cook. “I trusted these brands, not any more.”

Cook says while she waits to find out what this is, she's going to take a new approach to Lily's menu.

“I'm going to be making her food from now on, that way, I can control what she eats.”

Gerber Canada confirms the complaint about the Lil Crunchies and spokesperson Catherine O'Brien says they do take these kinds of complaints very seriously.

O'Brien says because Cook did not choose to do a hot water test on the object, Gerber has asked to send it to their manufacturing facilities for testing.

O'Brien says based upon photographs sent to them by Cook, it is a burnt piece of the corn snacks themselves.

Gerber plans to give Cook a full report on the object once the testing is complete.