Amherstburg police say a 36-year-old Windsor woman left four kids unattended in a parked car while she ‘drank and partied’ in an Amherstburg bar.

Police say she left her kids unsupervised in the car late Saturday night and early Sunday morning while she attended Shooter's Road House at 17 Sandwich Street North in Amherstburg.

Shooter's owner Tim Good quickly went out to assess the situation.

"I couldn't believe someone would do such a thing," says Good. “The window was down, partially down, it allowed me to talk to the children through the window and make sure that they were okay," says Good.

The kids were between the ages of nine and two years old, according to police.

"A customer had heard the sound of a baby crying coming from a car in the parking lot, and notified one of my servers," says Good.

The children were awake and responsive.

"They were upset,” says Const. Shawn McCurdy. “It was hot and warm that night, so the conditions were not ideal."

When crews arrived, police were able to locate the mother in the bar.

"That was another reason why I wanted to call police right away, because I wanted to make sure whoever it was didn't get behind the wheel of the car with four kids," says Good.

Jennifer North has been charged with four counts of abandoning a child.

"I obviously don't condone leaving your kids in the car, so I'd like to make sure justice is done here," says Good.

North will appear in court on Aug. 6.