WINDSOR, ONT. -- Turns out Windsor’s mayor is also a poet.

Drew Dilkens posted a poem he wrote about masks during the COVID-19 pandemic on his website.It's called "To Mask or Not to Mask".

Here’s the transcribed poem:

When Covid first arrived here, only one thing was clear.

Stay away from all others – “don’t get too near”.

Canada’s top doc said don’t cover your face,

“It won’t do any good, there’s no scientific evidence in place.”

So the people, they listened and heeded that advice.

To the point now that many will likely pay the price.

And it won’t be those who are afraid,

Where that price will be paid,

Rather those who roam cavalier,

Not dissuaded by common sense or fear.

Those who feel the fences of their yard,

Give them some type of ‘Covid immunity card’.

“Open the gate! Bring in your coolers!

The neighbours will never know, they’re just a couple of ‘droolers’.”

And when the party is done, beer bottles collected,

Empty bottles of rum, no more fun,

Friends gone home to nurse their hangovers,

Plans made for next weekend to have the whole gang over.

The clock starts ticking.

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock,

1,209,600 ticks and tocks around the clock.

The number of seconds in 14 days,

where Covid can ferment inside you and have its own way.

You see good friends and very special others,

Your sloppy behaviour can affect everyone, fathers, daughters, mothers and brothers.

Your neighbours, the ‘droolers’, they’re actually quite smart,

They follow the rules, wear a mask, stay apart, even wash the handle on the grocery cart!

They wouldn’t be caught dead on the other side of your fence,

Your risky behaviour proves to them you’re just dense.

Oh, but let’s look at our friends across the river, they argue, cuss and fight,

To wear a mask or not wear a mask – they feel is their democratic right.

Now they hold the most unfavourable record around,

Highest viral cases and record number of deaths abound.

Trump points his finger at the States and their Leaders,

He’s yet to figure out you can’t solve this problem by only being a Tweeter.

So the top Doc now says the evidence is clear,

A mask will save lives when out in the public sphere.

To be or not to be, that was Hamlet’s question,

The poison put him six-feet under, don’t let that be your direction!

Covidiots take risks that most normal people feel are wrong,

Use your brain, cover your face, keep you, your friends and your family strong,

For we can beat this virus and send it away,

But you can’t act like a maskhole if you want things to be ok.

So next time you’re at Costco or even the hardware store,

You need to run in quick to get that item near the door.

Remember the mask that’s sitting right there,

The one that slides nicely over your ears, no need to mess your hair.

That little lightweight mask that could save just one life,

A stranger, a neighbour, your children, or even the life of your wife.

My mask keeps you safe from me,

And your mask keeps you trouble free,

So do the right thing and live to see another dawn,

Do everyone a small favour and put your mask on.

-Mayor Drew Dilkens