WINDSOR, ONT. -- The City of Windsor has launched an investment map to show where money is being spent in the city.

The new map is available in the Building Windsor’s Future section of the city’s website.

The tool shares information on projects ranging from neighbourhood sidewalk improvements, to master plans that impact the entire city and all of it is mapped out so users can see exactly where the investment is located.

“We take great pride in the number and variety of investments undertaken in our community each year,” said Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens. “This web portal and the mapping you see are our latest efforts to provide information on many of those investments. And while these are by no means all of the investments laid out in the city’s annual capital budget or all of the assets funded, we hope you’ll find it an easy way to explore some of the great work being done in our community.”

Key investment categories targeted for the launch of the new mapping tool include parks, facilities, art, culture and sidewalks.

Users can search the entire city or zoom in on their neighbourhood. Filters can be applied to focus on specific categories, or the map can be viewed without filters to include the entire investment picture.

More elements will be added to the mapping tool in the future, and the database will be updated over time to give a snapshot of some of the important investments undertaken.