A Windsor man can’t work after he says a dog attacked his white American Shepherd and injured his hand.

To add insult to injury, the man says he's still waiting for the city to look into the alleged attack almost a month later.

Quentin Davidson says what should have been a normal walk with the dog turned out to be a terrifying ordeal. He's frustrated by what he believes has been a slow response to the April 30 incident and we wants something done.

Davidson describes a scary situation late last month when he says a neighbour's dog attacked his two-year-old dog, Vola.

“Spent some time in the hospital, got a bunch of shots,” says Davidson. “Called the police about an hour after it happened and they ended up saying they can't come out until after I'm out of the hospital.”

His dog is okay, but Davidson says he suffered a bad bite to the hand, keeping him out of work as a chef.

"I had a puncture between my second and third knuckle,” says Davidson. “It also hit the muscle, so I've had muscle problems with the hand, long time work on it. It hurts and starts to ache. You know? You can't use it anymore.”

Davidson believes the dog in question is a Pitbull, a banned breed in Ontario, but the neighbour told him it is an American Boxer.

He says Windsor police came by the day after the attack to make an official report, but he says he's still waiting for action four weeks later.

“It never got filed from my understanding or it got lost in the system, but whatever the case maybe they sent out a second officer about a week and a half later after I called to look into it,” says Davidson. “And still no report had been made or it got lost whatever the case may be, it hasn't been looked after properly."

A third police officer came to his house on Wednesday.

“He was really nice, he brought his computer in and he actually showed me that he was typing it up because he knew that I didn't feel comfortable at this point," says Davidson.

Davidson says his neighbour was initially apologetic.

Still, Davidson is frustrated it's taken this long to get police and by-law enforcement to look into it.

"Hopefully it gets put in, hopefully it gets addressed,” says Davidson. “There's kids, there's elderly people in the neighbourhood, there's all kinds of people in the neighbourhood and I'm worried about them."