WINDSOR -- A Windsor man took the stand in his own defence in his murder trial.

Dia Eddin Hanan says he was 'scared for his life' and that's what led him to shoot two men.

The 36-year-old pleaded not guilty to second degree murder and attempted murder.

In testimony Wednesday, Hanan doesn't remember pulling the trigger.

In December 2015 on the city's west side, Aleksiji Guzhavin and Gregory Henriquez were shot.

In court, Hanan says what happened that night was the result of a previous interaction with Guzhavin about three months earlier.

It had to do with this driveby shooting in September.

No one was injured but as a result, Guzhavin of London was charged with two counts of attempted murder.

When he was in jail, Guzhavin called Hanan and a mutual friend asking for money.

Both refused him, to which Hanan says Guzhavin then threatened to hurt him, and his family.

Hanan admits he then 'taunted' Guzhavin, saying ‘how could he possibly hurt him from jail?’

Fast forward four months, Guzhavin is released from jail for the drive-by shooting.

Hanan told the jury he knew that guzhavin wanted money from him.

On Dec. 23, Hanan says Guzhavin showed up unexpectedly at night at his home at 187 Oak Street.

Hanan admitted he was armed with a knife and that Guzhavin threatened him with a gun, saying he wouldn't hesitate to shoot someone in broad daylight.

Hanan testified he agreed to give Guzhavin $300, but he wanted more.

Henriquez allegedly threatened Hanan's family, at which point Hanan told the jury he was 'scared for their lives' so he reacted to "survive".

The three men started to fight and in the scuffle Hanan says he "snatched" the gun out of Guzhavin's hand.

On cross-examination, Crown attorney George Spartinos questioned how Hanan could have gotten the gun so easily from the other two men, who were considerably bigger than him.

He wondered how Guzhavin was shot five times and Henriquez two to three times, yet Hanan wasn't hurt.

The accused insisted he was acting on impulse and feared for his family's safety.