A 22-year year old Windsor man who was shot at the Ambassador Bridge, is no longer in the custody of Detroit police.

After spending the better part of the day in Detroit, little more is being said publicly about the man, who has not been identified.

Officials with the Detroit police department tell CTV News, the Windsor man was to be arraigned at the courthouse Tuesday.

They say he has since been taken into federal custody.

But there isn’t much more information.

Perhaps that’s because of the approaching holiday. No one in law enforcement south of the border is able, or willing, to say where the accused is being held, only that he is in custody.

The man was shot in the arm by U.S. customs and border protection officers early Sunday morning after leaving his vehicle at the Ambassador Bridge customs plaza and pointing a pellet gun in the direction of officers.

A short time earlier, Windsor police say the same man allegedly waved around a gun at the McDonald's restaurant on Howard Avenue.