A young man from Windsor has four more years to serve in prison, for a crime he says he doesn't feel bad about committing.

Kyle Williston, 22, wasn't supposed to even own an illegal weapon when he opened fire in June of 2016, putting residents in Walkerville on lockdown

Williston was sentenced Friday in Windsor court after pleading guilty to aggravated assault and four illegal weapon offences

“Guns don't discriminate, if you fire a gun, in public you might hit what you're aiming at, but you might not, so that makes it very, very serious,” says Crown attorney Scott Pratt.

Williston admitted that he pulled a gun and shot a man known to him on Wyandotte Street near Walker Road.

The victim survived a gunshot wound to the stomach. Williston was arrested the next day.

Police say the weapon used in the shooting was found at his residence. At the time, Williston was out on bail and one of his conditions was that he wasn't supposed to have any weapons.

“He has difficulty with, authority and following rules so to speak,” says Linda McCurdy, defence lawyer.

McCurdy told the court Williston has been diagnosed with oppositional defiant disorder.

“With Kyle, he, it’s almost like, partially because of his disorder and partially because of his personality, even if he is remorseful, he wouldn't say it,” says McCurdy.

Justice Renee Pomerance says she took both into account, when reaching a decision. But she said the two things cannot perpetually justify the victimization of others.

Pomerance sentenced Williston to six years, nine months in prison. But because he's been in jail since 2016, so Williston has another four years and three months behind bars.