A Windsor man has been sentenced in connection with a downtown shooting more than three years ago.

Nicholas McCullough, 25, will spend eight years in jail after shooting Phillip Nkrumah three times in the leg in an alley behind a Park Street nightclub in September 2015.

Nkrumah survived the shooting.

McCullough pleaded guilty last month to aggravated assault and discharging a firearm, as well as four counts of breaching court orders.

He had originally been charged with attempted murder.

McCullough will receive credit for time already served, and will spend roughly six and half more years in jail.

Justice Renee Pomerance, in sentencing McCullough on Monday, said he has time to turn his life around and hopes the sentence will discourage others from using prohibited firearms.

Pomerance also said if not for McCullough’s background, the sentence would be higher.

“I think there is hope, he's 25 years old and there's all kinds of programming in the federal institutions that can assist him so we wish him luck we hope he changes,” said assistant crown attorney Renee Puskas.

The crown was asking McCullough be sentenced for eight years.