A 27-year old Windsor man is going to jail for a stabbing in a hotel parking lot last year.

Emad Ben-Abdellah was found guilty of aggravated assault and Friday he learned his fate.

It was emotional for Ben-Abdellah’s family, who broke down inside the court room when the sentence was handed down.

Before the accused was taken into police custody, he hugged his mother.

Ben-Abdellah was sentenced to four years in jail.

“I don’t think anyone is ever satisfied when sentenced to a jail term but taking into account all the factors, it’s appropriate,” says defence lawyer Maria Carroccia.

The sentence stems from an incident in April 2017.

Police were called to a hotel on Dougall Avenue, where they found a man with non-life threatening stab wounds, including four cuts to his face and two more on his neck and chest.

Ben-Abdellah was found guilty of aggravated assault.

In handing down her sentence, Justice Lynda Ross said she finds Ben-Abdellah to be "an unfortunate young fellow as a result of circumstances that have happened to him."

“”Justice Ross had a difficult time, balancing all of the aggravating and mitigating circumstances involved in this case,” says Carroccia. “The injuries to the victim were serious. The accused has a record but he also suffers from a brain injury and he himself suffered an injury during the course of this, so I think she tried to fashion a sentence that addressed all those issues.”

Carroccia was asking for 18 months prison time, arguing Ben-Abdellah has strong prospects for rehabilitation, in part because of his supportive family.

The judge agreed, pointing to the fact that his parents sat through the trial and still stand behind their son, saying "this is very important for his stabilization when he rejoins the community.”

Ben-Abedellah has a prior criminal record and he was on probation when this crime occurred, but Crown attorney Walter Costa argued the accused hasn't treated his mental health issues as he should and by not doing so he continues to pose a risk to the community.

In handing down her sentence, Ross told Ben-Aabdellah “I don't think you're a bad guy. Keep doing what you're doing. One day this will be a distant memory. Do your best to make your parents proud."

Ben-Abdellah will get credit for time already served, so he'll spend 29 more months in jail.

He must provide a DNA sample and has a life time weapons ban.