A Windsor man has pleaded guilty to second degree murder related to the death of a woman at a Bruce Avenue apartment in 2015.

Richard Scott Raymond was previously charged with first degree murder and aggravated sexual assault.

Carol Shaw, 49, was killed in an apartment at 475 Bruce Avenue on Feb. 23, 2015.

Shaw was the mother of Raymond's girlfriend at the time. She died of restricted blood flow and blunt force trauma.

Police arrested a man who was 26 years old at the time and was also present in the apartment unit.

Raymond's lawyer, Brian Dube, says his client does not remember the incident.

"That's not to say he didn't have the required intent at the time of the incident for second degree murder" says Dube. "But his lack of memory, his high blood-alcohol content, he was captured on surveillance video in an extremely intoxicated state., that all went to what were very triable issues on intent."

Outside the court on Monday, Shaw's sister said this brings no relief to the family.

"Nothing will bring my sister back," her sister said.