A young Windsor man has pleaded guilty in the death of another man after a ‘scuffle’ at Howard Avenue motel.

Robert Legebow, 20, pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the death of 36-year-old Shawn Liddell at the Ivy Rose Motel on Oct 1, 2018.

The two men knew each other, since they both lived in the motel.

Court heard on Tuesday the two were socializing when Legebow wanted Liddell out of his unit so he wouldn't wake his sleeping father.

There was a scuffle in one of their rooms, and the fight spilled out onto the second floor balcony.

Legebow grabbed Liddell’s right arm and pushed Liddell in the left chest area. Court heard the force from Legebow’s shove caused Liddell to go backwards over the second story balcony railing.

He died the next day in hospital.

Legebow was initially charged with second-degree murder, but pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter. The plea was the direct result of surveillance video and an audio recording from the night of the incident.

Defence lawyer Elizabeth Craig says Legebow did not intend to kill Liddell.

Craig tells CTV News Legebow has been a model inmate since he was arrested but admits the entire ordeal has been sad for everyone involved.

"You know Mr. Liddell was an acquaintance of his, a good friend, they had had no prior history between them of anything so he was sad and it's tragic for everyone all the way around," says Craig.

A sentencing hearing is scheduled for Aug. 28.