A Windsor man has admitted to viciously attacking an elderly woman in broad daylight.

Richard Pillar, 29, pleaded guilty to aggravated assault and breach of probation in court on Thursday.

Court heard Pillar attacked an 83-year-old woman from behind while she was heading to a bank on Ottawa Street near Hall Avenue on Sept. 28, 2016.

Police say Pillar pushed her to the ground and stabbed her repeatedly in the eye and face.

The woman suffered serious injuries.

Police initially charged Pillar with attempted murder. They say he did not rob the woman and the attack was unprovoked. Pillar also discarded his clothes after fleeing the scene.

The attack was captured on surveillance video.

Assistant crown attorney Bryan Pillon described the video as horrific but still wanted to play it in court. He said "the only way to appreciate the magnitude and the level of the violence is to watch it."

“Words don't always paint a picture as vividly as they should,” added Pilon. “The force that he used to thrust the knife is horrific."

Some of the victim's family members were in the courtroom. Justice Lloyd Dean was concerned about the harm it could do to them if they watched it. He ruled there was no legal purpose in playing the video in court.

As the defence pointed out, Pillar had already seen it and didn't need to watch it again.

Frank Campagna says her mother Rina is still recovering from her injuries.

He tells CTV Windsor the entire family is still shaken by the attack.

Pillar will be sentenced at a later date.