WINDSOR -- A Windsor man is looking at a potential lengthy sentence behind bars after a jury found him guilty of manslaughter on Thursday.

Dia’Eddin Hanan, 36, was found not guilty of second degree murder, but guilty of manslaughter in a fatal double shooting in December of 2015.

Hanan was charged in the shooting death of Alekesji Guzhavin and the attempted murder of Gregory Henriquez outside his Oak Street home.

On the charge of attempted murder, Hanan was found not guilty but, the jury did find guilt on two weapons charges in the shooting.

The verdict was a disappointing one for Hanan and his family.

“One way or another they found their way to manslaughter and that’s unfortunate, but my client’s position is — he’s innocent,” said Christopher Uwagboe, the defence lawyer for Mr. Hanan.

The jury delivered the verdict on Thursday afternoon about 24 hours after deliberations began.

Mr. Hanan’s relatives were visibly upset, some in tears, as he was walked away into custody by police.

Justice Kirk Monroe wasn’t persuaded by Uwagboe’s argument Hanan should remain free from custody under his bail conditions.

Justice Monroe stated the conviction saw Hanan lose his “presumption of innocence” and added the verdict sent him the message that the community did not feel Hanan was a safe individual to be free in society.

“He's been out on bail since 2016. He has never breached. There are no allegations that were brought against him. He's been in the community the whole time, without issue,” said Uwagboe.

As Hanan was led away, he said "I'll clear my name" — raising the prospect of an appeal.

Uwagboe says a decision to appeal the verdict has not yet been made, but will be considered.

For the past month, jurors have been hearing how the two victims went to Hanan's home to get money when the shooting occurred.

Hanan testified he was acting in self-defence when he shot both men in the dark.

The Crown attorney declined to comment ahead of Hanan’s sentencing hearing.

A sentencing date has been scheduled for Jan. 13, 2020.