A Windsor man has won his battle to not be declared a dangerous offender, but he was designated a long-term offender and will go back to jail.

Steven Slade, 46, was sentenced Thursday to serve another two years and three months in jail, taking into consideration time already served.

Justice Lloyd Dean expressed concern in court Thursday that Slade will never stop pursuing his sexual conduct and says he believes Slade poses “a substantial risk to reoffend.”

Slade is to be under court supervision for 10 years, take sex drive reduction medication, take sex offender counselling and cannot talk to minors. He was also banned for life from any parks or public areas where minors could be.

Slade was arrested in 2012 after he came to Windsor from Toronto with intent to meet up with two young boys to have sex.

The boys, however, were Windsor police officers, who arrested Slade on the spot.

In a Windsor courtroom on Thursday, Slade was given a chance to make a statement before learning his fate. He said to Justice Dean: “Thank you for your consideration. I want to get this over and done with, and get on with my life.”

Justice Dean's ruling included a brief recounting of the case. He says Slade first went to jail for Internet luring in 2009. Just 45 days after he got out and even though it went against his probation, Slade was caught talking with teens on Facebook.

The content of those conversations was described by Justice Dean as “highly sexually charged banter.”

Police say Slade came to Windsor with the name of one of the teens written on his underwear. In his statement to police, Slade admitted he came to Windsor to have sex with two teenage boys.

Crown attorney Gary Nikota asked for many of the conditions now placed upon Slade. They include taking a medication to curb his sexual appetite, submitting a DNA sample, updating the sexual offender registry, a lifetime ban on owning a weapon and that he not have any access to computers unless for employment.

Nikota says what can't be forced, only recommended, is that Slade complete high intensity sexual counselling treatment.

Nikota says this is the first time a defendant has been declared a long-term offender, in Windsor.

In order to be deemed a dangerous offender, the crime must include a serious personal injury.