A Windsor man charged with sexually assaulting a woman in her bed has been found not guilty.

Eric Brooks, 51, appeared in Superior Court Thursday for judgement.

He was wearing a black suit, showing no emotion until he heard the verdict of not guilty.

Superior court judge Chris Bondy spent one and a half hours outlining how he came to his verdict.

He said the complainant, who spent five days on the stand, gave several different versions of what happened the night of the alleged sexual assault. 

Bondy told the court "it's impossible for me to know which version of the facts are correct."

Brooks was charged with sexual assault and being unlawfully in a dwelling in August 2013.

The complainant told police Brooks entered her apartment using a key she gave to him, woke her while she was sleeping and sexually assaulted her.

Brooks and the complainant are known to one another, and lived in the same building.

A warrant was issued and brooks was arrested by police at an apartment building on Glengarry Avenue.

Brook's defense lawyer Brian Dube says he is pleased with the final outcome.